Zoom Conversation: Forgotten Figures in New Mexico’s History—Those Left Off Monuments & Statues

Photo of Rob Martinez, New Mexico State Historian

NM State Historian Rob Martinez

Join other NMPW members in an off-the-record Zoom Conversation on Friday, 5 Oct, from 12:00 to 12:45 p.m., as NMPW hosts a discussion on “Forgotten Figures in New Mexico’s History—Those Left Off Monuments & Statues.” State Historian Rob Martinez will provide his thoughts on noteworthy people from all cultural and ethnic segments of New Mexico’s history. Dr. Sylvia Ramos Cruz, renown PBS contributor, will discuss prominent New Mexico women, especially those involved with the women’s suffrage movement. We anticipate this meeting lasting 45 minutes, but it may go as long as one hour.  NMPW Board Member Loretta Hall will host the meeting.

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