NMPW members honored in national competition

New Mexico Press Women won many awards in the 2010 National Federation of Press Women Communication Contest. Of the 31 members who earned first places at the state contest and sent their work on to nationals, 25 earned certificates.

Category 2 Continuing Coverage
Megan Kamerick Second Place

Category 7-C Feature Story Specialized Publication
Mara Kerkez First Place

Category 9-A Special Articles Business
Megan Kamerick Honorable Mention

Category 9-G Special Articles Food
Ari LaVaux First Place

Category 9-Q Special Articles Travel
Yvonne Lanelli Third Place

Category 11-A Single Page or Pages Edited by Entrant Non Daily Paper
Laura Marrich First Place

Category 13-A Section Edited by Entrant
Erin Adair-Hodges Second Place

Category 15-A Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant Non Daily Paper
Laura Marrich Third Place

Category 15-D Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant Newsletter
Ruth Friesen Second Place

Category 16-C Page Layout Specialized Publication
Loren Stacks First Place

Category 24-A Prepared Radio Report
Constance Gotsch First Place

Category 25-A Special Programming
Constance Gotsch First Place

Category 28-A Radio Interview
Tania Casselle First Place

Category 41 Television Single Commercial
Tricia Holser Honorable Mention

Category 42 Community or Institutional Relations
Kim Jarigese, Laurie Mellas, Sharon Steely Third Place

Category 45 Marketing Program/Campaign New/Existing Product
Tricia Holser Second Place

Category 47-C General Reports
Sherry Robinson Third Place

Category 54 Manuals and Handbooks
Jana Fothergill John Sumrow Ellen Biderman Second Place

Category 55-B News or Feature Release
Linda Thornton Third Place

Category 72-A Nonfiction Book General
Anne Hillerman Second Place

Category 72-B Essay in Nonfiction Book
Ruth Friesen First Place

Category 72-E Nonfiction Book Cookbook
Anne Hillerman Second Place

Category 73 Full Length Fiction
Nancy King Honorable Mntion

Category 74-A Children’s Books Fiction
Connie Gotsch Margaret Cheasebro First Place

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New Mexico Press Women (NMPW), organized in 1950, is an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women. It is an organization of professional journalists and communicators that promotes the highest ethical standards while looking to the future in professional development, networking and protecting First Amendment rights.

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