The National Federation of Press Women announced that its New Mexico affiliate had 24 winners in the 2013 national contest.

Congratulations to our members who earned awards in the national communications contest, to be presented at August’s NFPW conference in Salt Lake City. Thanks to everyone who entered our NMPW communications contest!

Cheryl Fallstead, President
New Mexico Press Women

NFPW Communications Contest Winners are:

Rudolfo Anaya, first, children’s books, fiction, for How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico, Rio Grande Books

Lyn Bleiler, Honorable Mention, in Specialty Articles, Environmental, for stories in EcoSource Guide to Sustainability

Sherri Burr, 2nd, talk show, and 3rd, television interview, both on UPublic TV

Margaret Cheasebro, first, Specialty Articles, Education; 2nd, Specialty Articles, Sports; and honorable mention, Specialty Articles, Business, all for stories in Majestic Living

Kathryn Córdova, third, Newsletters, for Taos Historic Museums; and HM, community relations campaign

Merilee Dannemann, second, personal blog

Sari Krosinski, Carolyn Gonzales and Jana Fothergill, first, magapapers, UNM Today

Melody Groves, second, website videos

Loretta Hall, HM, speeches

Leota Harriman, third, photo essay, The Independent

Lisa Hase-Jackson, HM, poem

Maggie Macnab, first, nonfiction general, for Design by Nature, New Riders Press

James McClure and Ezequiel Ortiz, first, nonfiction biography, for Don Jose, An American Soldier, Sunstone Press

Slim Randles, first, nonfiction humor, for Home Country, Rio Grande Books

Sherry Robinson, first, continuing coverage, and second, Specialty Articles, politics, for stories in the Gallup Independent

Bud Russo, second, Specialty Articles, Travel, for stories in Southwest Senior

Marilyn Stablein, first, graphics in the Malpais Review

Karen Wentworth, HM, online feature, UNM Today

Are you planning to go to the national conference in Salt Lake City this year?

Dear NMPW members,
Are you planning to go to the national conference in Salt Lake City this year? If so, there is financial support available from NFPW and NMPW for registration fees. (If you’re not sure yet, here’s a link to information about the conference and there’s a lot more on a special conference Facebook page:

If this will be your first NFPW conference, please apply to National Federation of Press Women for a First Timers Grant to cover your entire registration fee. Here’s the link for further information:
Also contact NMPW Treasurer Carol Kreis of your intention to attend. The NMPW board has allocated $1,050 to pay up to half of the NFPW conference registration fee for our NFPW/NMPW members who do not receive or qualify for the First Timers Grant. Those who notify Carol of their intention to attend by May 31 will have first priority for the funds. If you make that request, you will be notified on June 1 of the amount NMPW will cover so you may so indicate on your registration form for the NFPW conference (then you can just pay the remaining amount and NMPW will pay our portion to NFPW directly). If all funds are not allocated by June 1, those who decide to attend after that date may contact Carol to find out if funds are still available to help pay the registration fee.

We hope to see you in Salt Lake City!

Cheryl Fallstead