2020 New Mexico Press Women Conference


Out of concern for the health of our members, conference participants, and the staff at the Canyon Club, the 2020 New Mexico Press Women Conference has been postponed until March of 2021. Conference panelists and registrants, along with winners of the Communications Contest, Zia Awards, Scholarships, and Communicator of Achievement, will receive additional notifications. On or before March 21, NMPW will post the winners of all awards and scholarships on its website and on its Facebook Page.

Upon further reflection and consultation of with the Chairs of the Silent Auction, the New Mexico Press Women will not conduct a Silent Auction online as previously contemplated. Rather those wishing to contribute to the Doris Gregory Memorial Scholarship will be given other options to do so.

The Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 21st, at 8:15 a.m., unfortunately, must be postponed because it cannot be held online. New Mexico Press Women Bylaws require that the Annual Meeting be conducted in person with paper ballots to elect officers (Article IV, Section 2). The current officers stay in office until new officers are voted and sworn in at the end of the Annual Meeting (Article IV, Section 4). Once the Governor’s Health Emergency Declaration has been lifted, NMPW will send members notice of a rescheduled Annual Meeting to take place in person.

The NMPW Board wishes all its members and supporters good health during this unexpected public health emergency declared by the governor of the State of New Mexico.