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Current Historian Report: 2020

New Mexico Press Women
Historian’s Report
Robert Flinkman, Historian
November 14th, 2020

New Mexico Press Women officers for the year 2019-2020 are : President Sherri Burr; Vice President Damien Willis; Secretary Kathy Wagoner and Treasurer Loretta Hall

The Board of Directors are: Broadsheet Editor Damien Willis; Contests Chair Carolyn Carlson; Communicator of Achievement Chair Loretta Hall; Scholarship Chair Jessica Savage; Website and Facebook Chair Arin McKenna; Social Media Chair Ludella Awad; Public Relations Chair Cheryl Burbank; Steering Committee Karen Wentworth; First Amendment Chair Maryam Ahranjani; Historian Robert Flinkman; Parliamentarian Kathleen Hessler; Zia Award Chair Natasha Cuylear

Chapter presidents are: Las Cruces Elaine Stachera Simon; Albuquerque Karen Wentworth, Northern New Mexico Anne Hillerman

Treasurer’s Report: Income included contest fees, Zia Award entries, conference registrations, conference donations, dues, stickers, interest, misc. income, silent auction funds, totaled $16,262.63.

Expenses included fees, contest expenses, NM Press Women conference payments, Zia Awards, CoA expenses, NMPW Board luncheon meetings, conference expenses, NMPW President expenses for NMPW conferences, Surety Bond, stickers, scholarship winners’ dinners, misc., website hosting and registration, silent auction funds sent to scholarship fund, total expenses totaling $14, 980.39.

Net income : $1,281.84

The 2019 State Conference was held in Albuquerque on April 26th-27th, at the Canyon Club in Four Hills. The NMPW celebrated their 70th anniversary. 27 people attended the conference, 42 people attended the luncheon, 60 people attended the banquet.

The Friday evening reception included a panel discussion highlighting the history of Western movies. Saturday’s session included a discussion concerning the theme, From Journalist to Author.

The keynote speaker was Judith Van Giesen, author of 13 mystery novels.

The two winners of the Zia Book Award were Mare Pearl and Sue Boggio. Honorable Mention went to Anne Hillerman and Melody Groves.

The Scholarship recipient was Nicole Trujillo, a student at Eastern NM University.

The NMPW hosted on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at Bookworks on Rio Grande Blvd. NW, a salute to the legendary author, Tony Hillerman, on the 94th anniversary of his birth. Anne Hillerman and James McGrath Morris spoke about the forthcoming biography of Tony Hillerman by Morris, with Sherri Burr moderating. The event was well attended, standing room only.

For the 2019 Communications Contest, there were 162 entries from 58 entrants.
132 received recognition:
First Places 50
Second Places 38
Third Places 26
Honorable Mentions 18

Of the state-level First Place winners who advanced to the national competition, 31 received awards :
First Place 8
Second Place 8
Third Place 10
Honorable Mention 5

The 162 entries were slightly less than the 168 for 2018. More books were entered than short stories, plus fewer television and digital media.

Concerning membership for 2019, the New Mexico Press Women had 54 members who have paid their dues for 2019.

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