Check out the fundraising auction Friday

Jewelry, gift certificates, wine, fancy dresses and great, framed artwork, as well many autographed books, await your bidding at the Silent Auction Friday 4/11/08 at the Courtyard by Marriott. We are less than 2 weeks away and donations of additional items are welcome! 

    The money the auction brings in goes 100% to the scholarship awards NMPW makes. Contact anyone in the ABQ or NMPW to make a donation!  (We can accept cash and checks for the auction purchases Friday night) & thanks!

Susan W.

contest, samples

I was thinking… it would be nice to see the work other folks submitted for the contest (esp. newsletters & Web sites in my case, though I expect others would be interested in other categories). Perhaps folks might bring a few samples to the banquet? Or for those who submitted Web sites, post the urls here? The Web site I submitted is:


Fun Blog

Sari, This is great. I am a writer and editor who has gone to many state NMPW conferences. I always meet new people and learn something new.

Years ago I worked in video production, so I’m particularly interested in learning about the new video technology and how to use it on the Web.  I hope to keep developing my Web skills, too, so it’s fun writing on a new blog and I invite everyone else to jump in too!

In addition to the workshops, I’m also looking forward to the tour of the Albuquerque Journal. I’m hoping others will join us so we can get to know each other better.  Some of the people I’ve met through NMPW have become my best friends. 

 So if you haven’t registered, do it today!  See you there.

Emily D.

I’ve been coming to conferences since 1995. Each year is memorable — the location, catching up with new and old friends, learning more about my “trade” from speakers — it’s become the most important event of the year to me, personally.

I am the scholarship chair and I’ll tell you a little known fact — if you are a member taking college courses you get priority consideration for one of our two $750 college scholarships. Visit the NMPW site link for scholarship info. Deadline to apply is March 7!