Albuquerque Press Women and Friends April Meeting

Albuquerque Press Women and Friends will meet virtually by Zoom on Monday, April 11, at 12 noon to discuss the guardianship issue, which could potentially affect any one of us. 

Our invited speakers are Kent Walz, senior editor at the Albuquerque Journal, who has written several stories about this, and Colleen Heild, investigative reporter, who has also covered the topic.

To attend, you must RSVP to Karen Wentworth at
no later than 9 p.m. Sunday, April 10, so she can put you on the list to be allowed into the Zoom meeting. To protect our privacy and prevent unwelcome spammers, etc., only those on this approved list are allowed in. If you have not previously participated with Albuquerque Press Women and Friends, please give Karen one sentence identifying yourself–that is a safety measure for all our participants.

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