Hello from Your New Mexico Press Women Communication Contest Chair, Connie Gotsch

We’ve got this year’s contest safely put to bed, but it’s not too early to start thinking of 2010. We need judges from out of state. Mid-summer is a good time to start thinking about them. If you know anyone who might be willing to serve as a judge in the areas of print media, including writing and layout; photography, radio/tv, Internet communications, advertising, electronic media, public relations, print PR, information for the media, speeches, collegiate (student entries print), achievement, research, or books, (non-fiction, fiction, verse), please email their contact information to me at gotschc@sanjuancollege.edu

Also if anyone would like to help locate and confirm judges, that would also be appreciated. If we divided the task among three or four people, it would be fairly painless for everyone.

Please get back to me by Sept. 1, so I (we) can start working on making the 2010 contest better than ever.