NMPW 2011 Communications Contest Winners

Last Name
First Town Category Placement Extra Info
Aboytes Iris Albuquerque 46 First
Aboytes Iris Albuquerque 7C Second
Aboytes Iris Albuquerque 8B HM
Aboytes Iris Albuquerque 9D First
Aboytes Iris Albuquerque 9E First
Berner R. Thomas Santa Fe 81 First
Brennan Kathleen Ranchos de Taos 20E First
Casselle Tania Ranchos de Taos 36C First
Casselle Tania Ranchos de Taos 75A Second
Casselle Tania Ranchos de Taos 8B First
Casselle Tania Ranchos de Taos 9M Second
Cheasebro Margaret Aztec 77A First
Cheasebro Margaret Aztec 8B Second
Cheasebro Margaret Aztec 9C First
Cheasebro Margaret Aztec 9I
Cheasebro Margaret Aztec 9L First
Cheasebro Margaret Aztec 9O First
Cordova Kathryn El Prado 48 First
Cordova Kathryn El Prado 10B HM
Cordova Kathryn El Prado 40B First
Davis Marcie Santa Fe 34A First
Davis Marcie Santa Fe 35A First
Davis Marcie Santa Fe 35C Second
Drabanski Emily Santa Fe 7C First
Drabanski Emily Santa Fe 9M Second
Fallstead Cheryl Las Cruces 35C Third
Fothergill Jana Albuquerque 52B First w/Gonzales/Krosinsky
Friesen Ruth Albuquerque 33A First
Friesen Ruth Albuquerque 34A Second
Gonzales Carolyn Albuquerque 52B First w/Fothergill/Krosinsky
Gotsch Connie Farmington 77A First
Gotsch Connie Farmington 8B Second
Gotsch Connie Farmington 9C Second
Graff Pat Albuquerque 61 First
Graff Pat Albuquerque 73 First
Graff Pat Albuquerque 74
Graff Pat Albuquerque 74
Greenly Larry Albuquerque 7C Third
Haislett Robin Portales 21 First
Haugen Merry Albuquerque 32B First
Hillerman Anne Santa Fe 53C First
Hillerman Anne Santa Fe 75A First
Hillerman Anne Santa Fe 9M
Jacobs Linda Las Cruces 76 First
Kreis Carol Albuquerque 14C First
Krosinsky Sari Albuquerque 52B First w/Fothergill/Gonzales
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 10A Second
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 10A Third
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 10C First
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 10C Second
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 9D Second
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 9I Second
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 9Q First
Lanelli Yvonne Alto 9Q Second
Marano Nancy Albuquerque 10C Second
Marano Nancy Albuquerque 15C First
Marano Nancy Albuquerque 7C HM
Marano Nancy Albuquerque 8B
McKenna Arin Santa Fe 7B First
McKenna Arin Santa Fe 9C HM
McKenna Arin Santa Fe 9I First
McKenna Arin Santa Fe 9R First
Niederman Sharon Raton 75C First
Robinson Sherry Albuquerque 10D First
Robinson Sherry Albuquerque 57A First
Rubin Gail Albuquerque 75A Third
Russo Bud Las Cruces 35C First
Russo Bud Las Cruces 7A First
Russo Bud Las Cruces 9F First
Russo Bud Las Cruces 9Q Third
Schauer Sandy Los Lunas 75D First w/Tessier
Sloan Wendel Portales 10A First
Sloan Wendel Portales 10B First
Sloan Wendel Portales 10D Second
Sloan Wendel Portales 53C First
Stablein Marilyn Albuquerque 80B First
Tessier Denise Cedar Crest 75D First w/Schauer
Wentworth Karen Albuquerque 32A First
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